MONAT’s ingredients are naturally-based, safe, pure and sustainable. But with other brands recognizing the power of botanical oils, how is MONAT any different? The answer lies in our rich formulations that make these naturally-based ingredients work in harmony with each other, combining and reacting to pump up their natural properties to take MONAT to the next level.

Here’s a little bit about the science behind MONAT.

Shampoo is Shampoo

We hear people say “shampoo is shampoo”, and “hair products that say they are natural are all the same and they don’t make much of a difference”.

Wrong wrong wrong! MONAT’S products are a CAREFULLY CRAFTED COLLABORATION of science and nature allowing us to provide an unparalleled and unique AGE PREVENTION hair and skincare experience.

Other brands out there do NOT contain powerful active ingredients that help regrow the hair. And we prove it over and over again.

MONAT Treatment Systems have been CLINICALLY PROVEN to RESTORE VITALITY to hair exposed to the damaging effects of the sun, the environment, product use, chemical processes and aging, providing both instant and long-term benefits.

MONAT products are safe, non-toxic, effective Treatment Systems designed to produce long-term results that have a cumulative effect. The more you use them, the better your hair gets.


Three of the four ingredients behind the “MONAT Magic” are Capixyl, Procataline, and Crodasorb. Each have been clinically tested and proven to create an environment for stronger, healthier, younger looking hair.


Powered with Red Clover Extract, a gentle emollient that reduces scalp inflammation, strengthens and thickens hair, and hydrates the scalp to stimulate natural, noticeable hair growth.


-Outstanding clinical results prove significant decrease in hair loss effect and increase in hair regrowth.
-Higher proven results than the other leading hair rejuvenation brands, with no harmful side effects.                                     -Protects the scalp, and helps to strengthen and thicken hair while support natural hair growth.


A powerful formula that packs an intense defense against oxidative stress, protects from the sun’s damaging rays and resultant UVB damage, Cordasorb™ also preserves natural and synthetic hair color, keeps strands stronger and locks in moisture.


-Protects natural and synthetic coloring as well as gray hair.
-Absorbs high amounts of UVB and UVA light.
-Penetrates the hair, allowing it to protect both the cuticle and the cortex.
-Helps to smooth the cuticle for less damage and breakage.


Features Pea Extract, which helps to reduce oxidative stress, and premature aging in hair. With a rich source of secondary metabolites, it delivers healthy nutrients to promote hair growth, reduces the production of the (DHT) hormone that contributes to hair loss, plus has powerful antioxidants to combat premature thinning, as well as protect color and shine.


-Maintains a healthy environment for hair growth.
-Preserves the hair follicle.
-Aids in prevention of hair loss.
-Helps protect against environmental damage.
-Protects the natural pigment in the follicle.                             -Reduces premature aging in hair.

REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive

Rejuvenique Is MONAT’s invigorating proprietary blend of 11+ unique molecular ingredients, which includes vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, beta-carotene, omega-6 fatty acids, nutrients and amino acids, suitable for all skin and hair types. These ingredients have been proven to mimic the body’s own natural oils to reduce hair thinning, prevent oxidative stress, and add volume and shine. REJUVENIQE’s special properties energize and rehabilitate the scalp to visibly repair hair with instant and long-term Age Prevention benefits.

Curious now about trying MONAT for yourself with a 30 Day money back guarantee?