Have You Been Thinking About Making a Change?

Are you miserable in your current job situation? Okay, I know there are some out there who love their jobs, and that’s great because we should love what we do. But I’m talking about those out there who (like I was) are stuck in a cubicle day in and day out. Those who don’t feel appreciated no matter who hard you work. Who dread getting up in the morning and going into the office, who hates the office politics that go on, who work so hard to move up but get held down, and those who get their checks on payday and think that all that work just wasn’t worth it. If you feel this way….read on.

Why do I love network marketing so much?

The numbers are a huge part of it! It’s actually the fastest growing business model in the world today. Just look at the numbers here and you’ll get an idea of what I’m talking about. I spent my whole life working in Corporate America. I never ever felt like I belonged there. I didn’t like the fact that I could work for 5 years, and was almost shamed for asking for a raise. I was never praised for good work, but was quick to criticize the smallest error. I wasn’t allowed to grow or use my creativity. In fact one time, I was told I wasn’t allowed to laugh with my clients. What?!




With Network Marketing and Monat, there is NO CEILING on your pay! You can give yourself a raise anytime you want! Make $100 a month, a week, a day or an hour. Whatever income you desire, you can make it happen.

Just a Few Mind Blowing Numbers

Let me give you an example. This week the numbers came in, and we did 4 million dollars in sales in one day. ONE DAY!! That’s a heck of a lot of shampoo folks!

In August 2017, we brought in 12,000 new Market Partners. So 12,000 people saw the vision and made the decision to jump on board with us and ride this amazing ride of growth! They made the decision to join a company and start a business, and chose Monat over all of the others out there.

In that same month, 47,000 people decided to become VIP customers and get our amazing products in their hair! That number just blows my mind!

Why are our numbers so high? Think about it. Everyone is selling makeup, skin care, weight loss or health and wellness products. Nobody is doing hair! Except us! So when you are exclusive in something, you have zero competition. You can’t stand out when you’re selling the same thing as everybody else. It gets boring and there’s nothing unique about it. That along with a very rich comp plan means lots and lots of money in your bank account.

And when we are bringing in 47,000 a month in new customers, who reorder their shampoo over and over again…that residual income adds up my friends. People don’t need to order a bowl every month, or a necklace or eye shadow. But shampoo….yes! They do!! Everybody puts shampoo on their list when they run out. EVERYONE! It’s so amazing to look in your account and see orders every morning from people reordering or trying new products.

I Absolutely Love What I Do!

I work from home, set my own schedule, and meet so many amazing people. The support around me, and the tools I’m given make this so east to do! If you would like to try your hand at the entrepreneur life, I would love to help you. I can work with you no matter where you live, it doesn’t need to be in California. That’s what’s so cool about how Network Marketing works these days. Building a team from all over, different states and even in Canada is a piece of cake.

Contact me right away while this momentum is still going! Together we will make history!