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So many amazing hair transformations from using all of the different MONAT systems. Give us a try for 90 days and let’s see what we can do for you!

Alopecia Help

Hormonal Hair Loss


Male Hair Loss Repair

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Bariatric Hair Loss

Weight Loss Surgery Hair Loss

Bariatric surgery like Gastric Sleeve, is a tough surgery to go through. And many times between the third and seventh month, many will experience severe hair loss. This is the way the body is dealing with the shock of what’s going on with the body. Lack of protein plays a big part. The hair will come back, but for many…they don’t want to wait, and start looking for help right away! That’s where MONAT comes in. MONAT products help with hair growth, and have no nasty side effects. The more you use it, the better your hair gets!

Weight Loss Surgery Hair Loss

Gastric Sleeve Hair Loss

“My husband LOVES the Men’s System! He has thinning hair on top and this is making a big difference for him! Thank you MONAT for the amazing product and for the life changing opportunity!”

Ann Fisher

Market Partner from Blanchard, OK

“I am so in love with this oil after only one use. My hair has never been so soft and pretty! This oil is a must have!! Not only can you use it on your hair but you can use it on your skin and nails! This oil will be replacing a lot of my hair care products. It’s that good!!”

Life With A Southern Girl

Beauty & Fashion Blog

“Finally, a leave-in conditioner that really works! Adios frizzy, dry hair! Hello to Restore Leave-In awesomeness!”

Erika Lesavage

Market Partner

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