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If you are ready to join healthy hair revolution with our amazing MONAT hair products, and would like a free personalized hair treatment recommendation, I am here to help. It’s best to find the products that are going to work best for your personal hair type and challenge, so answer the questions below, and we will share what you would need to get the best and fastest results.

We don’t sell every day shampoos and conditioners that coat the hair. MONAT products are made up of different treatment systems. It’s like putting your hair into rehab, recommending a minimum of 90 days use so that these MONAT products can go through all of the phases of detoxifying, follicle-cleaning and unblocking, recovering, nurturing, stabilizing, healing and restoring magic to your hair.

Please fill out the form below to receive your personalized 90 day treatment plan. The more you tell me, the better I can give you the ideal combination of healthy hair care products that will help you reach your personal hair goals and get the very best results. You will get the exact products you should use and pricing as well. This is 100% confidential and will never be shared with anyone.

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