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How to Overcome Your Fears in Your Network Marketing Business

Is Your Network Marketing Business Set Up to Fail?

So you’ve joined a Network Marketing company, and bought into the idea that you will make tons of money and all of your dreams will come true. You ran out and told everyone about your new business venture, expecting everyone jump onboard with you and join you or buy your products. Some friends and family are with you at first….but then once you’ve blasted through your warm market, it’s like hitting a brick wall! And MAN does that hurt when it hits you smack dab in the face!! Now what? How to Overcome Your Fears in Your Network Marketing Business

Now that you’ve approached all of your friends and family, they know what you do, they know what you sell, and it’s over….Crickets! Yet many of you still continue to try to sell to them day after day after day. Your friends get tired of it and either block you, or roll their eyes at your constant “pitching”.  So now you are receiving negativity from your warm market, and you start to get defensive, and then you’re filled with fear and doubts and usually quit at this point. Remember, people don’t like to be sold to…but they do love to buy!

We Must Fail to Succeed

How to Overcome Your Fears in Your Network Marketing Business? First it’s important to know that we all fear failure, we all fear that we won’t succeed. We all experience fears of talking to strangers and mostly we fear rejection! But it’s the failure that leads to success. I know it sound odd, but truly it is. You can’t have one without the other.

Fear and failure are part of the recipe. It’s like baking a cake. You put in the sugar, and the baking soda, and vanilla and stir it up. But if you don’t add the flour, you won’t have a cake and it will taste awful. You have to put ALL of the ingredients in to have success at baking. And it’s no different with finding success in network marketing. You must endure patience, failures, negativity, rejections, fear, discouragement, tiredness, dedication, hustle, sacrifices, struggles, adversity, change, doubts, and discipline. These are all of the ingredients in your success recipe! BUT…on the other side of all that is self esteem, reward, giving back, financial freedom, time freedom, helping others, gratitude, peace of mind, strength, character and so much more!

These things cannot be bought, you have to earn them. And the only way to earn them is to go through the failures and the trials. But I promise you, if you put all of those ingredients in, you WILL break through the brick wall and end up with the sweetest success cake on this earth.

I'd Like More Information on a Life Changing Business Opportunity!

Bottom line is, Network Marketing is the BEST way for the under dog to make incredible amounts of money. No college degree? No problem! Not much money to start with? No problem! No experience? No problem! So if you want to know How to Overcome Your Fears in Your Network Marketing Business, you must trust the process, and allow yourself to fail first. Because you will fail with this, I assure you. I’m not going to sugar coat it and tell you that you won’t. We all fail with it. But it in getting back up that strengthens you. Just like a baby learning to walk. Have you ever seen a baby get up on the first try and just start walking perfectly with so much strength that they could go for hours? No, you see them wobble and tip and fall. But they ALWAYS get back up, and that leads to success in walking and in business as well. Expect to fall, expect to be fearful. And then brush yourself off and keep going.

How to Overcome Your Fears in Your Network Marketing Business

Here are a few things you can do to help conquer your fears in your MLM Business


  •  Go in with understanding that you will fail. You simply must.
  • Believe in your product or service with everything in you.
  • Don’t take it personally when people reject you. It may be a “no” today, but not necessarily forever.
  • Keep your eyes on your goals. You must have something to reach for that drives you past your fears.
  • Get out of your comfort zone (Do things and go places that you are afraid of) It will help you grow
  • Do some form of personal development every single day. Watch inspiring videos, read books, take classes.
  • Talk to everyone, and build relationships which in turn builds trust. People buy from people they trust.
  • Make your “WHY” stronger than your “FEARS”
  • Understanding why people dish out negativity, will allow you to let it roll off.

Why Network Marketing Over a Franchise Makes Sense

Why So Many People Want Out of Their Jobs

The world is changing for sure. For so long we were taught to go to college, get a trade, get a job, stay there for 40 years and retire. And there was nothing wrong with that plan, because it made sense and it worked. So why not?

But things don’t always work a certain way forever, hence the reason we don’t grab the phone book to find people or places anymore.

Today, the job market is tough! And so many are fighting to stay in the game, yet when they are in it….they HATE IT! Yet they devote 40 plus hours a week doing something that makes them miserable. And while most feel it’s the safe road to take because it offers security, and a steady paycheck…is it really? Let’s take a look at the negatives of a JOB:

Negatives of a J.O.B.

  • You THINK you’re secure, but you aren’t
  • You’re building someone else’s dream…not yours
  • Begging for a raise, having to constantly prove why you’re worth that extra .20 cents an hour
  • Many have to STILL work a part time job on the side
  • Hard to advance
  • Office politics
  • As a grown adult, the embarrassment of having to ask permission to take a longer lunch or a vacation
  • No residual income – you get the same pay every check
  • Not every job offers benefits anymore
  • Under your supervisors thumb at all times
  • Going to a job to work for money to pay for the clothing, gas, lunches etc., that are required to work there.
  • Most of the time being called out on what you may have done wrong, but never praised for what you did right.


Why Network Marketing Over a Franchise Makes Sense

Now Let’s Look at the Alternatives –

What’s the Difference?

What is a Franchise?

A Franchise business is when an owner sells the rights to their business and the franchisee pays a franchise fee and pays a percentage of the profits from that location, while keeping the look, name, products etc. the same as what the franchisor has determined.

What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing, also referred to as multi-level marketing, is structured to where people sell a company’s product or service, and they also bring others in under them to do the same. Each representative gets paid commission on their sales and also team sales. Everyone helps each other become successful and in turn, gets paid for doing so.



Yes, way back in the 70’s, there actually were pyramid schemes. That’s exactly why we have such rules in place now. But folks! Can we get past it now? It’s been 40 years! It seriously blows me away that we have evolved in so many ways, but people aren’t embarrassed to ask these questions or let it go.

Sure, if you decide to join one of these companies, and don’t do anything…you will fail. Is that the company’s fault? If you didn’t do anything at a regular job, do you think they would keep you and continue to pay you? Absolutely not! So why do some expect to make loads of money in Network Marketing without putting in any work?

Network Marketing or Direct Sales company’s are extremely reputable, and can make you more money than you could imagine, with literally zero experience to start. You just have to make sure you are selling a product you believe in, and you must take action. Having an upline that is supportive, and having a company that offers tools and training is very helpful. But it really comes down to you.

Why Network Marketing Gets a Bad Rap

We’ve all heard it. “Is this one of those pyramid thingy’s?” “You know only the people at the top make any money.” “MLM is a scam!” As soon as you join one of these companies, you will have someone at one point throw these types of things out there. Mostly because they aren’t educated. They heard it somewhere before, and just assumed them to be true. If people would just take the time to research, they will find that Network Marketing has tight rules and regulations they must follow from the Federal Trade Commission, that keeps companies from running fraudulent activities.

Pros & Cons



  • Lower prices for inventory
  • Use of established trade name
  • Training




  • Extremely expensive start up cost
  • Marketing fees
  • No Freedom to utilize your own ideas
  • Must buy or rest space
  • Must purchase supplies
  • Must go in to work
  • Lost free time (you are a slave to your business model)
  • High rate of failure
  • Must have employees
  • Must deal with payroll etc.
  • Must follow company uniforms & colors
  • Your creativity is not welcomed
  • Less time with family
  • Tons of rules you must follow – Little flexibility
  • Complex legal documents
  • Will always owe royalty payments
  • May not get the support you need
  • Locked into operations by long-term contract
  • Risk

Network Marketing


  • Work from anywhere – home, phone, car
  • More time with family
  • Very inexpensive start up
  • No experience necessary
  • Full Training
  • No payroll to worry about
  • Write your own paycheck
  • No inventory
  • Can market however you wish
  • No company uniforms – wear what you want
  • No hiring employees
  • National recognition and branding already in place
  • Full training
  • Part of an encouraging team
  • Helping people change lives
  • Low to no monthly fees to run business
  • Unbelievably high income potential
  • Residual Income
  • Perks like discounts and Free Trips
  • You own it
  • Proven Business Model
  • Be as creative as you want



  • People tend to leave when they see it takes work
  • You fail if you give up


Yes! I Want More Info on the MONAT Opportunity!!


MONAT – The Best Company to Choose in Network Marketing

In the past 20 plus years, I personally have been involved in many many companies in the Network Marketing industry. I love the structure of it, and have found that MONAT, hands down…is the company to choose. Their compensation plan is by far the richest of any, and allows you the opportunity to make so much money, but has a program at the start of you joining, that will help you not only get your initial investment back, but will make you large profits right out the gate! We have many making over $100,000 a month doing this…and you can too!

Top reasons to choose MONAT over a franchise or another Network Marketing company:

  • Instead of paying $100,000 or more to get started, you can have your own turnkey business for as little as $299!
  • No lengthy legal documents and papers to sign
  • No inventory to store, no deliveries to make, no shipping (MONAT does all that for you!)
  • Market anyway you want to – MONAT doesn’t force you to do things their way. Be as creative as you want!
  • No monthly quotas – You aren’t forced to meet monthly quotas. Work at your own speed
  • Work from home – allowing more time with your family (save money on day care!)
  • Residual Income – MONAT hair products are consumable, so people order again and again, month after month
  • No monthly fees – It literally cost ZERO to run this business!
  • Extremely supportive leadership that gives you absolutely everything you need to find success
  • Zero Competition! Nobody else has an anti-aging hair care line.
  • Low risk, the worst that can happen is you end up with some amazing hair care products
  • The hair care industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Trust me…you want to have a piece of that

Becoming a MillionaireLook at your odds here. Where else can you bring your earnings up to over $100,000 a month within 2 years, with no college degree, no experience and only a work ethic? Nowhere! That’s why I love Network Marketing so much!

If you’ve been looking for a sign…this is it. I would love to give you more information on who we are, what we do, and if you decide to join me on this venture, I promise you have all of my support. You are in business for yourself, but not BY yourself.

Lastly, we have a beautiful, sweet culture of family, gratitude, and serving others, which is one of the reasons for our healthy retention rate. I’d love for you to be a part of this.

How to Get Exceptionally Smooth Silky Shiny Hair in Only Two Steps!

Do You Envy Others Smooth Hair?

We’ve all done it….notice someone else’s hair and wondered how they get it to look that way. One of the most wanted thing for a woman’s hair is smoothness. When I ask women if they could change one thing about their hair, what would it be….the answer is mostly that they want smoothness, better texture and less frizziness.

Well I have the perfect solution! Each month our VIP customers receive a free Only For You hair product gift with their Flexship orders. These free gifts are not products we sell, but are more tester products. When we get a great response, we bring it in to our line for all to buy. Well these two products started out as Only For You items, and were so well received, that they are now a part of our regular line of products.

Watch our videos below to get more information on the coolest Smoothing Duo’s around!

Smoothing Shampoo

Smoothing Shampoo is the newest to become a permanent product of ours. It’s gentle enough to use every day, and while it nourishes while smoothing out your hair, it also softens the hair cuticle to help reduce frizz and fly-aways.  Formulated with our infamous REJUVENIQE Oil, and infused with an exclusive blend of amino acids for total frizz control. This shampoo gives unbelievable hydration, and gives chemically treated hair moisture with amazing shine. Smoothing Shampoo takes charge to reduce dry static fly-aways, de-frizz, and resist humidity for a smoother, sleeker, silkier look.

Smoothing Deep Conditioner

Smoothing Deep Conditioner will work wonders on all hair types to nourish, control frizz and add brilliant shine. It won’t weigh your hair down, making it perfect for every day use. It restores softness and shine, and protects hair from humidity. The combination of both the shampoo and conditioner are excellent for African American hair.

Yes! I Want Some Smoothing Magic!

Be Prepared to be EYEdolized!

Some people say the eyes are the window of the soul. What are yours saying? If your eyebrows and lashes are looking less than Hollywood ready, don’t lash out! Eye Wonder is a high-performance serum formulated with clinically proven ingredients.

See Before & Afters Below

MONAT Has Launched in the UK!!

MONAT Has Opened Its Doors in the United Kingdom

We are so happy to announce that we are in the UK and are going Global!! Our anti-aging hair care line has exploded in the United States and in Canada and we are now ready to do the same in the United Kingdom.


MONAT offers an exclusive anti-aging hair care line that specializes in hair growth. While all of our products promote hair growth, we can also fix other hair challenges. Damage or breakage, no shine or luster, flat limp hair needing volume, thinning, balding, frizzies, etc.

Our products are not a one size fits all type of band-aid. We put people on a customized treatment plan designed especially for each individual, to ensure they get the best treatment for their particular hair challenge.

All of our products are animal cruelty free vegan, has no gluten, no parabens, no harsh salts, no sodium chloride, no harmful fragrances or dyes and no toxins. They are naturally based and won’t cause any nasty side effects.

Market Partners Wanted!

Now that we are in pre-launch (official launch will be in May 2018), we are looking for Market Partners who are ready to spread the MONAT word! I have a team of amazing people who have built lucrative businesses for themselves and who understand the power of Network Marketing. And now I’m looking to expand my team to the UK. With over 23 year experience in the Direct Sales field, I feel I have a lot to bring to the table, to ensure you have all you need to find success.

Market Partners in the UK will also have the opportunity to become part of the Founders Club too! The Founders Club is an exclusive group that will help pioneer a new approach to social marketing, and we invite YOU!

We will look to our Founders for ideas and inspiration and in return we’ll reward them with generous bonuses, special experiences, recognition and rewards not available to anyone else.

  • Founders Pool Profits
  • Founders Club Public Recognition
  • Founders Only Gifts
  • Advanced Business Tools
  • Focus Groups Participation


Huge Residual Income!

Why is MONAT different? Because everybody shampoos their hair, so we aren’t asking anyone to do anything different than what they already do. Our products actually work and do what they say they will do, so when people get our shampoo and our other hair care products on their scalp, they fall in love and want to continue to buy again and again month after month. For a MONAT Market Partner, that means you continue to get paid again and again with this consumable product!

See Some Amazing MONAT Results!!

I'd like more information on how to become a MONAT Market Partner!

Can You Really Have Younger Hair?

What is Aging Hair Anyways?

Our hair actually ages…just like our skin. As we get older, our hair does too and show signs of aging. It get wirey, turns grey, and we start to thin and lose our hair. So not only does it look older, but the texture feels older.

MONAT to the Rescue

The cool thing is, we don’t have to accept this “old hair” thing. Monat is the only age prevention hair care line on the market today. You can’t find another anti-aging line on the market for your hair…because we invented it!

We have several products that will do amazing things to give you that “20 year old” hair again. Plump it up and have lots of volume, grow it, add bounce and shine…whatever it is you want, we have something to reverse the age of your hair.

MONAT S3 Supplements

To really step up the pace on your hair growth and strength, I highly recommend taking Monat S3 Supplements. My hair personally started growing in twice as fast when I started taking these. You just take 2, twice a day with food.

These are a supplement support system that has ultimately raised the bar in hair nutrition. Each ingredients found in S3, have been clinically proven and work together synergistically to replenish the system of possible nutrient deficiencies that could be contributing to hair loss. S3 provides a holistic hair regrowth treatment that works to promote enhanced hair growth from the inside out.

Bye Bye Grey Hair

Remember when you saw that first white strand, just staring at you in the face saying “yes it’s real and we have crossed into another dimension called aging hair. Gray hair is normally caused when cells stop producing pigment, which is what happens naturally as we age. But did you know many times, when the follicles are clogged with silicone’s and waxes from our off the shelf shampoos, the pigment can’t get through all of that, and in turn the hair turns gray. By using MONAT products, many times by us going in and unclogging your follicles, your natural color starts to come through again.

Take a look at the picture of this gentleman. He hasn’t used any dye or coloring to change his hair color. When a hair follicle wakes up and becomes healthy again, it can start regenerating melanin. So yes, some will experience renewed color. Just one of many of our active ingredients. Age prevention at its best.

I'd like to know more about getting youthful hair again!

Fall & Winter 2017 Hair Trends That Will Get You Noticed

Voluminous Hair

Low key loose waves has been the thing for a while now. While they still look good, try this trendsetter. The Bouncy Blow Out! Bouncy, full hair with lots of volume is back folks. Nothing says “young hair” more than hair that bounces when you walk. And I’ve got just the thing to help you achieve this look. Use The Champ Conditioning Dry Shampoo in combination with the new permanent Thickening Spray for extra body and movement without the crunch. And don’t forget Monat’s ever popular Blow Out Cream which will give you a silky, smooth feel while restoring softness and shine, all while reducing styling time!

Deep Side Part

A runway staple, side parting was seen everywhere during Autumn/Winter Fashion Week. While middle parts are still in, side parts can get you noticed and they’re an easy way to change up your look with minimal effort. They’re really flattering as they help balance and complement all face shapes. You’ll find they soften harsh angles and draw attention away from any asymmetry in your features. Be sure to use the Refinish Control Hairspray for an amazing hold that won’t feel weighted down or sticky.

The Headband

Headbands are being seen on runways everywhere, and they’re such a flattering accessory. There are so many styles to choose from, that I’m sure you’ll want to add many to your collection. Lace, leather, crocheted and even some with bling. Whichever style you choose to enhance your hair, it will be eye catching for sure.

The Flat Wave

Kinky hair….cool? Absolutely! It’s actually one of this seasons most popular styles. To achieve this style, you’ll use your straightener to add a smooth bend to the hair without adding any height to the top. Then finish with long loose waves for a unique look.

Network Marketing Numbers That Will Blow You Away

Have You Been Thinking About Making a Change?

Are you miserable in your current job situation? Okay, I know there are some out there who love their jobs, and that’s great because we should love what we do. But I’m talking about those out there who (like I was) are stuck in a cubicle day in and day out. Those who don’t feel appreciated no matter who hard you work. Who dread getting up in the morning and going into the office, who hates the office politics that go on, who work so hard to move up but get held down, and those who get their checks on payday and think that all that work just wasn’t worth it. If you feel this way….read on.

Why do I love network marketing so much?

The numbers are a huge part of it! It’s actually the fastest growing business model in the world today. Just look at the numbers here and you’ll get an idea of what I’m talking about. I spent my whole life working in Corporate America. I never ever felt like I belonged there. I didn’t like the fact that I could work for 5 years, and was almost shamed for asking for a raise. I was never praised for good work, but was quick to criticize the smallest error. I wasn’t allowed to grow or use my creativity. In fact one time, I was told I wasn’t allowed to laugh with my clients. What?!




With Network Marketing and Monat, there is NO CEILING on your pay! You can give yourself a raise anytime you want! Make $100 a month, a week, a day or an hour. Whatever income you desire, you can make it happen.

Just a Few Mind Blowing Numbers

Let me give you an example. This week the numbers came in, and we did 4 million dollars in sales in one day. ONE DAY!! That’s a heck of a lot of shampoo folks!

In August 2017, we brought in 12,000 new Market Partners. So 12,000 people saw the vision and made the decision to jump on board with us and ride this amazing ride of growth! They made the decision to join a company and start a business, and chose Monat over all of the others out there.

In that same month, 47,000 people decided to become VIP customers and get our amazing products in their hair! That number just blows my mind!

Why are our numbers so high? Think about it. Everyone is selling makeup, skin care, weight loss or health and wellness products. Nobody is doing hair! Except us! So when you are exclusive in something, you have zero competition. You can’t stand out when you’re selling the same thing as everybody else. It gets boring and there’s nothing unique about it. That along with a very rich comp plan means lots and lots of money in your bank account.

And when we are bringing in 47,000 a month in new customers, who reorder their shampoo over and over again…that residual income adds up my friends. People don’t need to order a bowl every month, or a necklace or eye shadow. But shampoo….yes! They do!! Everybody puts shampoo on their list when they run out. EVERYONE! It’s so amazing to look in your account and see orders every morning from people reordering or trying new products.

I Absolutely Love What I Do!

I work from home, set my own schedule, and meet so many amazing people. The support around me, and the tools I’m given make this so east to do! If you would like to try your hand at the entrepreneur life, I would love to help you. I can work with you no matter where you live, it doesn’t need to be in California. That’s what’s so cool about how Network Marketing works these days. Building a team from all over, different states and even in Canada is a piece of cake.

Contact me right away while this momentum is still going! Together we will make history!

Solution to Longer Lashes and Fuller Brows

What Causes Loss of Eyebrows and Eyelashes?

There are many reasons that one can start losing eyebrows and lashes. And it can be very frustrating, especially since the hottest look right now is thick, full, well defined eyebrows. Let’s look at the different causes first.

1. Stress: We all go through times where our stress levels are higher than normal. There really isn’t much we can do to avoid it. Did you know that when you are experiencing stress, your metabolism changes? Cortisol is a hormone your body releases when you’re under stress, and the body will fluctuate, and this affects lots of your body’s functions. It’s common to experience that annoying hair loss in your eyebrows and eyelashes.

2. Changes in metabolism: The older we get, the slower our metabolism becomes These hormonal imbalances lead to hair loss. Our lashes and brows fall out faster than they can be regenerated because the follicles are less stimulated, so hair grows much slower.

3. Medications: We take a lot of medications these days, and certain ones like for arthritis, for example, can cause you to lose hair from the eyebrows or eyelashes.

4. Eczema or topical dermatitis: Eczema is a disease that in most cases causes itching, redness and discomfort. If it affects the eyelid area, it can cause loss of hair from the brows and lashes.

Have You Tried Eye Wonder?

There really are so many reasons that contribute to these problems. If you are having problems with short lashes as many of us do, there’s no need to resort to wearing clumpy fake looking false eyelashes or going through the drama of making an appointment and sitting through expensive and time consuming lash extension procedures. And if you are experiencing thinning brows for whatever reason, no need to go to the extreme with tattooing them on through permanent makeup.

It’s the Best and Half the Cost!

What I love about Eye Wonder is that it has a great thin brush so it’s super easy to apply. For the lashes, you simply just apply it twice a day to the eyelid (right by where the lashes come out). For brows you just dip and apply to the areas where you need hair. It’s not a mascara type brush. It’s fine so you have control where it’s being applied. Many ask if it will change your blue eye color to brown over time. The answer is no…it won’t. And it’s HALF the price of Rodan & Fields Lash Boost!! Why spend more?!


What is so cool about Monat, is that everything is naturally based, gluten free, sulfate free, vegan, cruelty free, and more! What it does contain is Capixyl which strengthens and conditions the lashes and brows, and Fision KeraVeg 18, a vegetable-based alternative to animal keratin, which adds luster & strength.

So easy to use, but to get the results you want, you want to make sure to use it twice a day. Apply in the morning and at night for at least 28 days and after a while you’ll be on your way to strong, lustrous, flutter-worthy lashes and nice stand out brows!

Be Prepared to be EYEdolized!

Some people say the eyes are the window of the soul. What are yours saying? If your eyebrows and lashes are looking less than Hollywood ready, don’t lash out! Eye Wonder is a high-performance serum formulated with clinically proven ingredients.

See Before & Afters Below

Yes! I Want Longer Lashes and Thicker Brows!!

Monat Junior Line – Find Out What You’ve Been Putting On Your Kid’s Heads This Whole Time!

The Bad and the Ugly About Kids Shampoos

For years, we’ve all been reaching for the same kids shampoos, without giving any thought to it what-so-ever. Did you know that in Europe, they have banned 1400 ingredients from going into personal care products…including kids hair care products? How many would you guess the US has banned? The same as Europe? More? Less? In the US, we are only banned from putting 11 ingredients into our personal care products. 11 people!! That means 1389 other gross dangerous things are able to make it into them!

4 of the top kids hair care products on the market today, have cancer causing ingredients in them. The very ones we are all reaching for when we shop! In fact, many companies are putting (are you ready for this?) formaldehyde in them. Did you catch that? FORMALDEHYDE!!

If someone walked up to you, and said “I have this new children’s shampoo that not only contains toxic cancer causing ingredients, but we also added a little formaldehyde to it….would you please use this on your child’s scalp for a few years?” What would you say? Well by grabbing those shampoos at the store, and putting them in our basket, paying for them, and going home and putting them on our kids heads..we are saying YES!! So what’s the solution?

Use Monat Junior Line for Kids Hair Care





Monat Junior Line to the Rescue

Why Monat? With our babies being exposed to at least 27 chemical every single day in personal care products, Monat will stop that in its tracks.
Monat is a naturally based hair care line that promotes hair growth. Not only does it NOT have any toxic chemicals, cancer causing ingredients or formaldehyde it in…but here are some other NO’s in our products.

  •  NO Parabens – Parabens are linked to breast cancer and tumors
  • NO Sulfates – Irritating to skin and scalp
  • NO Glutens – Can cause allergic reactions to sensitive individuals
  • NO PEG – Can be linked to chronic disorders
  • NO Sodium Chloride – Can build up in tissue and cause inflammation
  • NO Phthalates – Long term exposure could be toxic
  • NO DEA/MEA – Can be irritating to skin & eyes and can be linked to chronic disorders
  • NO Ethanol – Can be drying to the hair and cause frizz and damage
  • NO Phenoxyethanol – Can be irritating to the eyes and skin
  • NO Petrochemicals – Can coat the hair shaft causing moisture loss and suffocation of the shaft
  • NO Harmful Fragrances – Can be irritating, cause allergies and linked to chronic diseases
  • NO Harmful Colors – Can be toxic to skin and scalp
  • NO Harsh Salt Systems – Can cause dryness and dehydration

Our Junior line is tear free, safe & gentle for your kids, and have been Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested. Your kids hair will be smooth, healthy and shiny. We as parents are here to protect our children. So knowing what you know now…Why wouldn’t you use Monat?

Yes I Want Healthy Hair Care for Kids!

Meet the Characters

We have three products in our Junior Line. All three come in the set, boxed in an adorable package with the cutest characters on it and on the bottles. And each come individually as well. All are amazing and offer you nothing but the best, safest ingredients. All three are tear-free, sulfate and paraben-free, and safe and gentle for children ages one to nine. Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested

Monat Gentle Detangler

  • Gentle Shampoo: A gentle and non-irritating shampoo that cleanses children’s hair without drying it out. Great for active kids who love to play outside!
  • Gentle Conditioner: Gives children’s hair shine, manageability and helps combat frizz. It rinses out more quickly and easily than other conditioners.
  • Gentle Dentangler: Gives slip to the hair and helps parents win the battle with tangles. It’s also great for adults with fine hair that knots easily.



Get the scoop on just how bad the kids shampoo’s are on the market today. Find out what’s in them, and how dangerous they are for your babies. Also hear about why so many people have decided to go with Monat to keep their kids scalp safe from toxic ingredients.




REJUVABEADS – MONAT’S One Minute Miracle


Only the best split end mender on the planet! Can you really repair your hair in under a minute? Absolutely! Watch the video to see how MONAT created this miracle product and how it works.

Introducing MONAT’S new wonder product…REJUVABEADS. A targeted Hair Repair that heals damaged hair, eliminating breakage, split ends and frizz, leaving you with the silkiest smooth hair that’s polished and protected from any further damage.

We own the patent on this amazing repair product, so you won’t find anything like this anywhere else. The thousands of beads containing our signature Rejuvenique Oil, are able to go directly to the split ends, bringing them back together again like a magnet, and mending 100% of the split ends. It also repairs other damage and stress along the hair shaft.

After the hair dries, the beads that didn’t release at first start to break open as you brush your hair or run your fingers through it, and continue to make the hair stronger, more flexible, and prevents further damage. So it repairs both the micro and macro damage, leaving the hair smooth and shiny.

It works on all hair types and lasts for days and the results are enhanced with continued use. REJUVABEADS is plant based and contains no toxic ingredients.


Find out what I thought about the new REJUVABEADS Split Ends Mender by MONAT. Here I will explain how to use it, what it felt like and what my personal results were for my hair.

How Do I Use It?

After washing with your favorite MONAT System, gently towel dry your hair. Apply 1-3 pumps of REJUVABEADS (depending on length of hair) to the midsection and ends of damp hair. Comb through and let sit for 1 minute. Then style as usual. Repeat after every wash or every other wash. The more you use it, the more it will improve manageability, shine, luster, strength and volume.

I Want to Fix My Split Ends!