In the beginning….

MONAT is a fairly new company who’s growth is exploding!  In October 2014, they officially opened their doors for business in the US, and in 2015 they opened in Canada. MONAT had a goal of wanting to make a million in sales in their first year. Instead they made 25 million! Now in 2018 we have launched in the UK and will become a billion dollar company!

It all started with a vision…
Meet the Urdaneta Family.

Our Mission Statement basically sums up the core of our existence: “Our mission is to help people everywhere enjoy beautiful, healthy, fulfilling lives, through our exceptional, naturally based products, a fun and rewarding business opportunity, and a culture of family, service, and gratitude.”

“How much have we accomplished together as an incredible team, in just three years’ of business? See for yourself…”

Founder's Vision

The goals for MONAT have already far surpassed our founders goals. Watching their dreams becoming a reality because people are falling in love with the products and the business is surreal. MONAT’S mission is to help people have beautiful, fulfilling lives.

In Love

80 Billion in sales for a reason. The reason is because the product works and people are in love with MONAT! To use a product line that ads volume, hydrates, reconstructs, smooths, protects, stimulates growth, prevents loss, strengthens, adds brilliance, shine and then some…who wouldn’t fall in love?

Huge Opportunity

The joy of success is even sweeter when it comes from helping people feel good about themselves and opening doors to their dreams. The market is wide open because so many people have different hair issues and needs help. You actually get paid to help people.